2010 General Election on TSR

In an internet exclusive the leaders from the main political parties will be taking place in student Question Time session on The Student Room this week.

Confirmed taking part are:
Gordon Brown – Current Prime Minister and leader of the Labour party

David Cameron – Leader of the Conservative Party

Liberal Democrats
Nick Clegg – Leader of the Liberal Democrats

The Green Party
Caroline Lucas – Leader of the Green Party

We’re obviously very excited about this event and very pleased that students from around the UK are being given this opportunity to have their questions answered by their future prime minister.

It shows that the parties recognise the importance of the student vote and that The Student Room is the web community through which they can be reached.

A massive thanks to the party leaders for taking part.

There has been a phenomenal response from our users – both in responding to the TSR Question Time Thread,  but also taking part in our TSR Election Poll which is already up to nearly 1,000 responses in less than a week! Watch this space to see the next results….