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UCAS figures show increase “across the board”

With another academic year on the horizon for university students, and with most schools getting under way this week, we’ve been looking at statistics revealed by UCAS earlier this year showing application trends over the past two years, and also looking at application numbers from the last decade. Continue reading

Study shows students copy university sites in their applications

A study conducted by Surrey University, which examined a random sample of 60 personal statement applications for postgraduate courses at an unnamed business school, has found startling similarities between the language used on the institution’s website, as well as that on the website of the parent university, and the language used in the applicants’ personal statements. Continue reading

UK students regret not studying abroad

A survey of students and graduates by has revealed that the majority of participants regret not taking the opportunity to study abroad as opposed to in the UK – which could be seen as an indictment of the UK’s Higher Education system. 91% of those who took part in the survey, an incredibly high proportion, stated that they wished that had not stayed in the UK to go to university. Continue reading

Graduate tax, graduate exodus?

An article on the Guardian website last Monday claimed that the UK’s best graduates would emigrate after graduation, if Vince Cable’s proposed ‘graduate tax’ plans were passed. Continue reading

Graduate ambitions still defined by sex

Despite all the movements for sexual equality and fairer opportunities for women in the work place, recent research carried out by Target Jobs has shown that to a large extent, graduate ambitions are still heavily influenced by an applicant’s sex. The research lists the companies that graduates most want to work for, Continue reading