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The future is bright(er) for unemployed graduates

More than one in two students and graduates, who responded to GRB’s latest poll, believe that the media does not provide a fair representation of the graduate job market at the moment. This alarming revelation flies in the face about what has been widely reported about graduate unemployment! Continue reading

The Student Room finds students for 1000heads


Word of mouth and social media specialists, 1000heads utilised The Student Room’s extensive online community to find the students they needed for a study of teenagers’ own learning initiatives and motivations. This case study shows how The Student Room worked with them to help meet their objectives. Continue reading

Forget health foods, students want the old flavours back

As a nation we have become increasingly aware of ‘healthy foods’, dieting and exercise and many food and drink manufacturers have had to adapt their product line or recipes to meet these new expectations. But members of The Student Room have spotted the changes and they want the old stuff back! Continue reading