3 university courses you wouldn’t study

With 22,000 UCAS university courses to choose from students have started to try and narrow down their options by naming the 3 courses that have the least appeal.

The original creator of the thread makes it clear that they’re not trying to offend but are just interested to find out what courses are just too bizarre or carry the least value for students to study for the next 3 or more years.

Some have listed standard subjects like English, Maths, Medicine and Engineering because they’re just not any good at them, whereas others have gone for the more weird and wonderful, including

  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Management
  • Wine Studies with Hebrew Mythology
  • Viking Studies
  • Dance and Waste Management

In total there’s been over 140 posts in the discussion as students stick up for their course and justify their decisions.

See the full discussion thread here

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