A* and A grade students share their A Level revision tips on The Student Room

It’s that time of the year again as students lock themselves in a room with a stack of books and a pizza menu and get down to revision. A Level exams are on their way and it’s a challenging time for this year’s candidates. More and more students are achieving top grades at A Level compared to a decade ago and students on The Student Room have regularly been sharing their tips in the discussion thread: A* and A grade students…Share your revision tips.

Common tips from students

  • Don’t take on too many subjects. Study four subjects at AS level in Year 12, and study three subjects at A2 level in Year 13.
  • Practice lots and do lots of past papers within the time limit!
  • Don’t overdo it. Do short sharp ‘bursts’ of revision.
  • Get help from teachers if there is something you don’t understand
  • Make lots of notes
  • Cut yourself off from any distractions – Facebook, Twitter, games, TV, etc
  • Revise for exams in advance
  • Use revision guides and textbooks
  • Revise independently. Group revision can be rather distracting.
  • Work hard!


“I find that if you really understand something, you won’t need to revise it as much… I think I’m lucky in the sense that I seem to get stuff quite quickly, so I don’t have to work too hard to get stuff stuck in my head… When it comes to revising, I’m just refreshing my brain because most of the connections and links between things have already been made”


“I find personally just writing things down, like a chapter on something and getting the key points usually helps me, I read something then paraphrase it on paper in my own words to help me remember it. I then after learning the chapter do either a past paper question on it or I make one up, because that allows me to develop exam technique as well as cementing ideas in a way that interests me.”

    Different students have different ways of revising in order to gain top grades in exams. The Student Room is full of useful tips and resources to help students gain top grades, and with the addition of Get Revising to The Student Room Group we hope that we’ll be able to help even more students this year.

    • RafiP

      My biggest tip is to CHECK YOUR SYLLABUS!!! I did this for the first time last week and found out that I did not know a lot of what I was supposed to. Scary! I am now using the syllabuses in all of my subjects to focus my revision and find out what I still don’t know. Finding them online can be a bit of a hunt but I found this free site by a bloke called the education wizard that has a syllabus finder that finds them quickly: [link removed]