71% of A-Level students are NOT confident they’ve met the grade

Results Day and Clearing

Last week The Student Room asked 960 A-Level students what they would do when they get their results on the 18th August. Will they get in to their first choice uni, settle for their insurance choice or take a chance in clearing?

Target 1000s of students on results day and through clearing

Results Day and ClearingRetakes

We discovered a while ago that students are reluctant to compromise on the course they want to do and this has not changed as 42% would rather retake their exams in order to do the course they want rather than change to one with lower entry requirements.


The added cost of 2012 entry is expected to drive more high quality candidates than ever into clearing this summer. Although reluctant to change their course, 29% of students will enter clearing to seek an alternative university if they need to as it could save them up to £5,000 a year over waiting until 2012.


After the highly publicised ‘impossible maths question’ and a number of similar revelations, students feel they have a good chance of successfully appealing their exam results this year.
With the added pressure of higher fees if they fail to secure 2011 entry 21% will appeal their exam results if they don’t make the grade first time round.

…and the best of the rest

Gap years were the best of the rest for students who don’t get a place at university this September with 17% expecting to take a year out, whilst 13% will seek employment and a further 6% will investigate alternative qualfications.

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