ACCA reaches out to prospective students on The Student Room


The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) have made use of The Student Room to reach out to prospective students, by talking to them about the world of finance and answering their questions about the organisation and the industry.

ACCAClient: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Campaign type: Brand recognition and engagement with school leavers and graduate target audience

What did they want to do?
To build ACCA brand in front of the school leaver and graduate community, drive relevant and targeted traffic to the ACCA site and engage with current and prospective ACCA students via dedicated Q&A sessions.

How did they do it?
The ACCA chose to have an official representative on The Student Room to engage directly with students and they also used a selection of banner adverts and a homepage feature to drive people to their site and for brand recognition.

What did they get out of it?
The official rep jumped straight into the forums and had 89 conversations with their target audience of school leavers and graduates. The banner adverts had 133 clicks and the homepage feature received 727 clicks with their brand being seen almost 1 million times during the campaign.

What did students have to say?

‘I really appreciate the help.’ – Wanderlust.xx

‘This is a very handy resource to students intending on doing the ACCA exams in the future.’ – Deathly_Hallows

‘Thanks for the insight and putting my mind to rest!’ – IceWater

What did Laura May, Marketing Executive at ACCA have to say?

“Engaging in a week of scheduled activity on The Student Room allowed ACCA to engage with students in real time, in a forum that they are comfortable in and respect.”

“The ACCA representative has since checked TSR daily, answering emails and posting industry-relevant news to keep prospective students informed about what is happening in the world of finance.”

“TSR has enabled ACCA to really reach out to prospective students and answer questions, while also developing a rapport with members of the website.”

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