Ales come out on top as a favourite amongst students

Students are not known for being fussy when it comes to alcohol, usually the cheapest or most alcoholic goes and if it can be mixed into a snakebite or the infamous dirty pint then even better. However discussion on The Student Room has found that some are more educated about their favourite tipple than you might think.

The discussion started to find out what young people’s favourite beer, lager, ale, bitter etc was and ale in general has come out as a strong favourite with many refferring to their love of local brews and more traditional flavours. However of the 50 different brands mentioned the top three that came up the most were Budweiser, Corona and Guinness, but this was mainly due to the variety of ales available.

Another poll found that domestic lager was generally students preferential style of beer with 35% of the vote, followed by continental lagers with 28%, whilst traditional English Ales received only 17% of the vote.

This difference in opinion shows that when it comes to just clicking a button to make a choice the more commercial brands win, however without the polling option it is the ale drinkers that are really passionate about their drink of choice who choose to vocalise it and engage in discussion about it with other like minded students.