AMD chooses to recruit students to test it’s latest fusion technology


In a first for The Student Room the technology company AMD has let students loose on a pair of netbooks to see how they stand up to real world use from today’s youth.

By using a community site like The Student Room, AMD are able to get an in depth view of youth perception of their products, technologies and brand in real time, whilst students benefit from real reviews from their peers who’s opinion they trust.

AMD said:

“We wanted members of the community to share their thoughts on these netbooks and Fusion technology in order to get a genuine picture of how they perform in a real world situation.”

“The participants are free to complete the review challenges in any way they see fit, and all we ask is that they are open and honest with their opinions and that they accurately report back on how they carried out their tests.”

The Challenges

6 members of The Student Room were invited to test the AMD tech and were each sent either a Toshiba NB550D or HP DM1-3100SA to use for the various challenges that AMD will be setting them over the next 3 weeks. They were then asked to publish their reviews in the Technology and Computers forum to allow others to contribute to the discussion.

The majority of the reviews were written however you may recognize these two from the TSR Student Panel who have gone the extra mile and created video reviews:

Nick, TSR Student Panel – Review of AMD Fusion Technology on Toshiba NB550D

Jake, TSR Student Panel – Review of AMD Fusion Technology on HP DM1-3100SA

You can see all the reviews in the dedicated TSR & AMD Technology Review