Apprenticeships on The Student Room

With the rise in tuition fees and the government investing in alternatives, apprenticeships have become a hot topic on The Student Room.

The Student Room has a dedicated Apprenticeship Forum, it gets over 100 posts per month and 1000 views from students around the country. We had a peak to see what was being said about some of the big apprenticeship schemes.

First up it should be noted that some of the discussion threads about specific companies that offer apprenticeships have been running for many years. BT for example, has had a thread about it running since 2008 and each year it bubbles to the surface again as people want to discuss the application process and make contacts.

What’s being said about BT Apprenticeships

Useful Information

“I got told I had the job by phone, they said I’d hear within 2 weeks but it was just over 2 weeks, glad I haven’t got that anxious wait any more – start on the 28th”

“question is are u all guys getting information directly from BT or their recruitment agency Hays”

“You get a basic nokia phone so don’t get too excited about it, but you dont really use it too much anyway ahaha
They say you get a van in 3-4 weeks, but it doesn’t happen! theres guys who started in October that don’t have vans yet! Bt seem to decide on the spot what we’re doing etc, so making plans is a bit difficult! Thats the only down side i’ve found to be honest!

Support and Details

“i’m sure you’ll do fine mate, hopefully this forum helps us alot lol.”

“Just wear something semi smart, they just give you all your uniform that you have to wear from day 2.”

Waiting for a response is more nerve racking then the actual day!”

“How did they contact everyone before? Phone or Email?”

Whats being said about OPITO Apprenticeships

The application process

“Did anyone else find the amount of space on the application very little? Ended up typing up an extra A4 piece of paper titled “Extra Supporting Info” Just to make sure I could fit in.”

“Also why were we told £45 per week? Seems a little wrong compared to others, maybe ME AND My friends heard wrong. My mate sent away last monday and got reply on friday, hoping for mine back by this friday”

“This may have been asked before but for interviews what did you guy’s take? I’m not sure whether to bring any certificates of qualifications like A-levels and GCSE’s or to go without, would it matter that much?”

“Gawd, I just want this so bad.

Thanks for all the people who have answered stuff in the thread, helped me a lot.

“Will post up if i get accepted”

General Support

“For those interested I have applied to be an Instrument Techy. I’d like to wish everyone good luck for the application process and hopefully I will be meeting you in September!”

Explaining their situation

“I have applied this and got throught to the interviews. I started university in september and really didn’t like my course so i left and took this option. I was late to apply last year but if i wasn’t i would have probably opted for this instead of university.. if i got in of course. Do you think this will less my chances of getting a place??”


“we’re not allowed to tell people the kinda questions that may be asked in an interview.
but really, it’s the same as any interview.”

Whats being said about BAE system Apprenticeships


“When is the best time to apply for an apprenticeship in engineering at warton. At the moment, I can only apply at Portsmouth.”

About interviews

“I had my interview thursday night was really chilled out had a good laugh with the interviewers they werent to bothered with the project stuff more interested in asking questions about workn my gap year! I feel like it went really well dont find out until end of may first week of june they said!”

Engineering with BAE would be my DREAM job, so this placement year would be a MASSIVE achievement for me.
Anyone else here interested in Engineering placements?”


“I have got my test for the technician apprenticeship at warton on wednesday 23rd feb. I think the test are fairly straight forward, I have done similar ones before. The tests on kent uni website are pretty helpful, basically shows you exactly what to expect.”

“Anybody else applied for the engineering apprenticeship??
If you pass the tests it says you have to take a project related to the role your applying for to the interview. Anybody have any idea on this??”

Diversity of apprenticeships

This is not an exhaustive list as there are all sorts of apprenticeships being discussed on TSR; here’s someone asking questions about Dental nursing for example.