Ask David Willetts on The Student Room at 5.30pm Today

David Willetts will be Live on The Student Room. the worlds largest student site, today from 5.30pm to 6.30pm to answer students’ questions.

A dedicated ‘Ask David Willetts’ area has been setup in the University Funding Review forum and we expect to receive a huge number of challenging questions for the Minister of State for Universities. Questions have been posted in the forum by students since 12:00pm and during the Q&A we will be reporting live via Twitter which you can follow on @Insight_TSR

It is not the first time that David Willetts as spoken to students in the past week, on 24 November he took part in Young Voters’ Question Time where he was asked if the government would review their policy on tuition fee rises as a result of the protests, to which he answered “I don’t think that we can review the basics of the policy”…

Since the publication of the Lord Browne report there has been a great deal of unrest amongst the student community, with protests against a rise in fees being organised across the country via the preferred youth medium of social media.

The Student Room has had its fair share of discussion about the protests and increase in fees, most of which has occurred in the Demo-Lition 2010 social group and there has been over 10,000 posts in the University Funding Review forum.

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