Ben & Jerry’s: Cookie Dough Top Scoop Among Students

Whether its a cinema treat, a summer sweet, an afternoon delight, or a late evening indulgence, students show that when it comes to Ben & Jerry’s there’s always a flavour!

‘If there was ever a thread that needed a poll, this is it.’

The dessert debate was sparked on The Student Room by a post from one TSR member seeking advice on which flavour to savour at the cinema.

‘It’s gotta be Chocolate Fudge Brownie… Or half baked… or Phish Food… Or Cookie Dough… Or Fossil Fuel… Or Caramel Chew Chew… I can’t decide.’

In the poll, which only featured the more chocolatey flavours, the favourites were:

  • Cookie Dough 20% – ‘Cookie dough! without a doubt’
  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie 16% – ‘Silly question! Chocolate fudge brownie of course!’
  • Half Baked 15% – ‘No contest- Half Baked.’
  • Phish Food 15% – ‘phish food without any doubt!!!! :)

The slim majority, however, shows the strong popularity of the brand on the whole with all the flavours in the poll attracting a fan base. In particular, fans of Half Baked argued that it offers the ‘Best of both worlds’, because of their enjoyment of the two individual flavours that it unites.

‘Half Baked is EASILY the best. Why only have cookie dough when you can have cookie dough and chocolate fudge brownie?’

The discussion involved fans loyal to the brand, those who carry a cone for a particular flavour, and those that had become estranged from the brand but reunited with it after having their taste buds tantalised by a different flavour from the diverse range.

‘I had phish food back in 2006 and found it disgusting, only yesterday did i try ben and jerrys again. Cookie dough is actually immense i cant believe i wasted so much time avoiding ben and jerry !’

i don’t even usually like chocolate ice cream that much but can i just say, PHISH FOOD.

A key selling point among students apart from the flavours seems to be the novelty shapes of the chunks and chips swirled inside each flavour.

‘Has to be phish food! Or the one with white choc polar bears‘.

‘It used to be Fossil Fuel before they stopped making it with dinosaur-shaped chocolate bits‘.

  • Other Favourites

Other favourites include fruitier options in addition to the runner-up chocolate choices featured in the poll.

I don’t like chocolate ice cream much which rules out about half, and I love love love caramel/toffee/fudge flavours and I’m not huge on having to chew too much while eating ice cream so Fairly Nuts was pretty perfect.’

Baked Alaska (8%)

Baked Alaska is my personal favourite, and I think it’s the best one if you’re planning on eating it all in one sitting because it’s not too rich.’

Chunky Monkey (5%):

‘I love the banana one with dark chocolate chips: ‘Chunky Monkey’ but I appear to be in a minority. You don’t often find it.’

- Coconutterly Fair (5%):

Coconutterly Fair is my favourite. It is just amazing’.

Caramel Chew Chew (4%)

Caramel Chew Chew or Coconutterly Fair have the best flavoured lumps in them. Half-Baked is the best flavour overall. I want them to bring out a coffee flavour’

‘I had it for the first time for Birthday last week and it was amazing, caramel ice cream is now my favourite ice cream flavour.’

- Fruity Flavours

‘It’s got to be cookie dough, or cherry Garcia if I’m feeling healthy.’

Bohemian raspberry was my favourite but nowhere does it anymore, so now it’s caramel chew chew for me!’

‘I loved Bohemian Raspberry, and Oh My! Apple Pie but they’ve both been discontinued.’

  • Scoops of the Future

‘…I’m so gutted that there so many American flavours which aren’t available in the UK!’

Despite the wide range of flavours available, some students felt that the ice was creamier state-side.

‘Cookie dough at least until these bad boys are on sale’

Nevertheless, there is good news for those envious of the state-side scoops in the arrival in the UK of a new range of potential favourite flavours called ‘cores’, which have sauce running through the centre of the ice-cream, and include Berry White and Karamel Sutra.

‘Oh my gosh, these look AMAZING.’