BIS directs students to The Student Room to discuss the HE White Paper

The long awaited higher education white paper has finally been released and The Student Room is hosting the discussion from students.
Often these government documents are overlooked by today’s youth because of their complexity and official presentation but this is an issue that it’s important for students to have a voice on as they are ‘at the heart of a reformed higher education system’.

What is the HE Whitepaper?

The Student Room have setup a dedicated area on the site to provide students with the important information relevant to them as well as a forum for them to discuss it with others on the site and it is also being linked to directly from the BIS site.

The Student Room has worked closely with BIS in the past and hosted a live discussion between students and David Willetts following the announcement of university fees increase as well as with Lord Browne after the results of his review on HE were published.