Students vote to bring back Vanilla Coke

Introduced to the UK in 2003, Vanilla Coke was a bold move for The Coca Cola Company that paid off in the first year, however due to falling sales the soft drink only lasted 3 years in the UK market. Now students are calling for it to return…

A poll on the world’s largest student site, The Student Room, sought to find out what cola people prefer and uncovered a number of interesting insights into the popularity of the world’s biggest selling soft drink.

The poll contained Vanilla Coke which, despite being discontinued since 2006, had strong support from voters. With many students calling for the return of the flavour to British shores;

Remarqable M – “I miss Vanilla”

PrettyRainbows (after finding Vanilla Coke in a local store)- “I genuinely couldn’t believe my eyes, I love that stuff”

jaheen22 – “I definitely am going to Amsterdam for Vanilla Coke”

vitamortis – “Coca Cola killed a part of me inside when they discontinued vanilla”

There is clearly still a following for Vanilla Coke and with over 400 posts in The Student Room specifically about the drink could we see a campaign similar to that seen on Facebook for Wispa to return? It is possible, especially when you see the lengths students are going to to get it with one Student Room member, J1mjam, having it imported especially for their birthday!

Over to you Coca Cola, the students have spoken, how will you respond?

How the other cola’s faired in the popularity contest:

  • Coca Cola was voted number one with 34%
  • Pepsi Max was King of the Pepsi’s and second overall with 16%
  • Cherry Coke narrowly scraped third with 12%
  • Despite it’s short time on the shelves Vanilla Coke came joint 4th (11%) with Diet Coke, which has been around for 28 years
  • The biggest loser was Diet Pepsi that was beaten by supermarket brands and got less than 1% of votes

See the full poll results and follow the discussion about prefered Cola brands