Car insurance – Students say men and women should be equal

At the beginning of March a European Court decided that insurance companies can no longer use drivers’ sex to determine insurance premiums. This has sparked a debate on The Student Room as boys and girls discuss the pros and cons of this ruling set to come into force in December 2012.

The thread titled ‘Unlucky Girls- Your insurance is rising’ has attracted over 70 comments from both sexes with the overall argument being fairly balanced. The accompanying poll mirrors this with the majority saying

‘yes its fair as males and females should be treated equally’

The majority of male students are glad to see a change they believe is long overdue and hope that their premiums will drop as a result of the change. One user known as ‘fudgeeyena’ thinks that they shouldn’t stop there and posted

“The whole ‘we’re changing the prices because it’s sexist’ is a little hypocritical of the government – after all, we’re still charged extortionate prices simply because we’re 17, 18, etc. Surely to wipe out sexism from insurance prices they should wipe out ageism from it too?”

Predictably the female opinion was in high contrast as there premiums are set to rise by up to 25% according to this BBC source.