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National Apprenticeship Week

It’s National Apprenticeship Week and as the world’s largest student site, The Student Room has loads of resources available for students to get advice from their peers about apprenticeships, how to get one? where to look? and what to expect? As well as options for recruiters to get involved too… Continue reading

Good news for graduates

A recent study of graduate vacancies at the UK’s top 100 employers shows that the number of graduates being recruited is set to rise by 9.4% against 2010’s figures.

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Top Ten Student Insights from 2010 to use in 2011

It’s just 3 days till Christmas and 9 till the new year, when people will be making new years resolutions and probably breaking them within a week. But back in January The Student Room’s resolution was to setup a site that provided the most relevant and useful student Insight Continue reading