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Increasing concern about the cost of education and employment prospects after

The financial strain of going to university has always been a large one, and those struggles are set to come to a head in the next year or so. With the government’s recent proposals to cut university funding and increase tuition fees in the spotlight, how do students themselves feel about the financial considerations of applying to university? The 1st Annual DIGS Student Survey reveals just how serious these concerns are for today’s students. Continue reading

Understanding Generation Y Employees

They’re often called Generation Y or, less favourably, the Peter Pan generation. They’re the 18 to 20 somethings who have turned their back on their parents’ punishing pursuit of pay and prestige in favour of more holistic priorities – seeing the world, a greater work-life balance, and more emotionally-rewarding forms of work. Continue reading

Graduate recruitment white paper March 2010

Executive summary
The fraught economic conditions of the last eighteen months and the continued fragility of the economy have left no organisation, public or private, and no individual, executive or graduate, untouched from redundancies, cut backs, hire freezes and cuts in public spending. Nowhere has the impact been felt more deeply and profoundly than in talent management and recruitment. Continue reading

Graduate ambition defies market gloom

Tuesday 30 March

Economic gloom is failing to dampen the career ambitions of the UK’s graduate population.

According to new research from The Student Room, the UK’s leading student social networking site, graduates’ and current university students’ sense of determination is reflected in the fact that eight out of 10 (83 per cent) are convinced that they will eventually work in their preferred career, and are prepared to take several steps to get there. Continue reading

One step at a time: Modern graduates map own route to success

Tuesday 30 March 2010

Research from The Student Room reveals:

  • Graduates are committed to ‘booster’ jobs to pave way to preferred career
  • Graduates now expect multiple careers, changing both recruitment and retention thinking
  • Undergraduates are deciding on career routes before university, meaning recruiters need to target candidates from an earlier age
  • Young people’s own research and work experience is informing decisions more than recruitment ads, milkrounds or careers advisors, which recruiters need to embrace
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