Careers survey provides great Insight for student recruitment

A Student Room careers survey of 3000 students has found that only 28% of students feel adequately prepared to get a job so we looked a bit further to find out what students need to be able to change this…

Other than final year students (70%) and graduates (66%) the group that identified career advice as being ‘very important’ were those that were not going to university. 63% of students finishing school but not going on to university thought it was essential to have sufficient knowledge to help them pursue a career.

Unfortunately over half (56%) of the students questioned rated their career service as ‘average to poor’ and a similar number (53%) said that they had to actively seek out careers advice rather than get it by default.

With over half a million posts in The Student Room’s dedicated Careers and Employment forum it is clear that students are actively seeking advice from their peers to help inform major decisions about their future. Posts such as ‘Using your Economics degree in a real job?’ or ‘How important are A levels to employers?’ show that students are thinking about their careers from an early age as well as at uni.

The survey also found that 74% of students would welcome representatives from top companies to answer their questions and with our Official Representative and Recruiter Profile services, organisations can engage directly with students to provide information about the careers they have to offer and give advice to students about what career is best for them.

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