Christmas comes early for 4 universities

Due to high demand from the users of The Student Room and in some cases the universities themselves we have created four new forums specifically for discussion about these institutions.

It’s not everyday that we create a new forum and one of the main criteria for doing so is that there is enough discussion about a particular topic to warrant one. So it’s great know that the growing discussion on TSR has led us to create these 4 new university forums:

These forums will be THE place where students come to discuss anything and everything to do with these universities, where they can get advice from others about studying there, where to go out, what facilities are on offer and the experience past and current students have had.

If you think your university should have a forum on the world’s largest student site then first check that there isn’t one already in our list of university forums and if not feel free to contact us on 0800 999 3222 and we’ll happily discuss what we can do to get you one.

Alternatively if you’d like to link to one of the above or any other university forum then see our media pack and logo options.

It’s a great resource to provide for your current students and hopefully they’ll sing your praises and encourage future students to choose your university over others, such is the power of word-of-mouth.

Merry Christmas!