Don’t think I’ve got into Uni! Students worry that clearing might be the only option

As A-Level exams draw to a close, students on The Student Room have begun to look back on their efforts and some are concerned they haven’t done enough.

Within hours of exams finishing, students are heading to The Student Room (TSR) to find out how their peers across the country faired in the latest test of their knowledge.

“I want to do pharmacy but the way a few exams have gone I don’t think I can get the grades. I don’t know what I’m going to do?”

For a lucky few, confidence is high and they’re already packing bags and organising their list of uni essentials, but for many it’s a very different story.

“I have applied to study at university this September but I’m worried that I won’t reach my offer!”

Many students are worried that a missed mark here or there could put an end to their university plans and are turning to TSR to find out if any others are in the same boat.

“I sent my UCAS form in September and because of my parents they forced me to go to a local uni… Is there any way to change this”

For others the reasons are more personal but they’re all asking the same questions, ‘What should I do next?’ Luckily for them The Student Room has thousands of members who have been through the application process, through every route possible and are more than willing to share their advice.

“A LOT of people feel like this at the moment, I know I do! However, if you still have exams left, try and just focus on revising for them.”

“If you don’t want to go through clearing, then you’d have to reconsider redoing your A2 year.”

“You can go through clearing on results day.”

Ideally all students would get the grades they need and end up at their first choice uni, however if history is to be repeated, which I’m betting it will, The Student Room will be busier than ever on A-Level results day with students asking one of two questions:

  1. What should I take to uni?
  2. What universities are in clearing?

And with the help of students, dedicated moderators and our university partners we’ll do our up-most to make sure that they’re all answered.

If you’d like to be part of The Student Room on A-Level results day and throughout clearing, we’d love to hear from you – 0800 999 3222

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