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University is the ‘most influential time of your lives’, say graduates

With A-Level results released today, and huge numbers of young people set to head off to university in the coming months, it should come as good news to them that two thirds of graduates of all ages have attested that university was the most influential period of their lives, ahead of childhood, teenage years, first jobs, and even marriage, shattering the common myth that your childhood years are the best of your life. Continue reading

Students determined to study their subject of choice

A-Level results are released today and thousands of students will finally find out their results after weeks of agonising waiting. For many, results day will bring smiles and joy as students open their envelopes to see that they met their grades, and got into their universities of choice. For some though, this year’s results day may not bring about all they had hoped for. Continue reading

Students take £4000 worth of gear to university

Despite being seen as an underprivileged and financially challenged bunch, a recent survey by student insurers Endsleigh has found that the average student will take approximately £4000 worth of belongings with them when they move into student accommodation. Furthermore, some students carry as much as £1300 worth of gear with them as they travel to and from universities. Continue reading

Increasing concern about the cost of education and employment prospects after

The financial strain of going to university has always been a large one, and those struggles are set to come to a head in the next year or so. With the government’s recent proposals to cut university funding and increase tuition fees in the spotlight, how do students themselves feel about the financial considerations of applying to university? The 1st Annual DIGS Student Survey reveals just how serious these concerns are for today’s students. Continue reading