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The Student Room and World Challenge

What’s the real value of extra-curricular experience when applying to University?

SO what is the real value of extra-curricular experience in the university application process? Our clients, World Challenge, aims to better understand the value with a recent study based on student and university admission team surveys and one-to-one, in-depth interviews with representatives from HE bodies.

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The future of Education – Future Students and MOOC

Recently The Student Room released the Future Student report which looked into how the next ten years will change the education world. A big part of that change is credited to Massive Open Online Course’s or simply called, MOOCs.

Many will agree that the classroom setting is quickly changing and that the digital world is becoming the norm. With more and more students and employers wanting a wider set of skills and competencies, educational tools like MOOC seem to be the way forward. Continue reading

Students and Finance – Student Loans

With the increase of student tuition fees in recent years to £9,000 a year, many officials are worrying about the repayment of these loans by students.

The BBC is reporting that around 45% of university graduates do not earn enough to repay their loans. The current system has the students not paying any fees upfront and need only to start repaying their loans when they earn £21,000 a year. Continue reading

Record breaking Results season at The Student Room

The Student Room saw the end of results season last week with GCSE results.  To celebrate the month of results, we’re taking a look back over the last two months to showcase some of our many achievements; from audience growth and front page headlines to our amazing UCAS trained moderators helping students. Continue reading

Record numbers of students being accepted into uni

More students than ever before have had their university places confirmed. New numbers from UCAS show that 11% more students have found places at this time compared to last year. To date 440,130 have already been accepted into uni for 2014 entry, with 27,620 finding places through Clearing. Continue reading

A-level Results – 48 hours to go and counting

With A-level results less than 48 hours away, student activity on The Student Room continues to increase daily. Students are flooding the forums with excitement and concerns asking questions about what to expect if they meet their requirements or miss them and head into Clearing.   Continue reading

A record breaking Clearing 2014 expected on TSR

On the 6th and 7th of July TSR saw a record 1.5 million page views for International Baccalaureate results day (a 28% increase on 2013, mirroring growth seen during exams). We’re now anticipating engagement on the site to be the highest ever as we lead up to SQA, A-level and GCSE results days. Continue reading