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What are students taking to freshers?

As university approaches, members on The Student Room are planning ahead on what gadgets and items they’re taking with them

With A-Level results day only two weeks away, students across the UK are planning ahead for their move to university. With many expecting to move into halls, shared houses, and various university accommodation, one major topic is being discussed: what do they need to take to university?

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The Student Room talks International Students at BUILA Conference 2015

Two-thirds of international students value UK work opportunities, despite recent changes to non-EU student laws

At this year’s BUILA conference, The Student Room was invited to present data we’ve collected about our international audience.  With over a quarter of our traffic coming from outside of UK, plus the recent changes to international student laws, this was an important opportunity to share what we’ve found out.

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Students are buzzing as The Student Room expects biggest Clearing yet

With only a few weeks until Clearing, students have been debating and discussing on TSR in anticipation of results day

It’s official: we have just over three weeks until A-Level results are released, and the stampede of Clearing 2015 begins. The forums here at The Student Room have been busy in anticipation, with thousands of students debating and asking about university choices, grade requirements, and of course, the possibility of entering Clearing.

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The Student Room sponsors new Student Voice Award at Heist 2015

With the winners of the Heist Awards’ 25th Anniversary now revealed, here’s what happened at the biggest Higher Education event of the year

Last Thursday, The Student Room sponsored the largest Higher Education Marketing awards ceremony in the UK, with over 650 people attending this prestigious event. However, this year’s Heist Awards ceremony was made extra special with the launch of a brand new category: our very own Student Voice Award.

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What are students up to in the run-up to results day?

With the International Baccalaureate results already out, students are venting their anxiety here at The Student Room

Now that GCSEs and A-Levels are over, students across the UK have still got a lot going on. Many are relaxing and enjoying the great weather we’ve had recently, while others are worrying over results, and planning ahead for Clearing.

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Over 10% of students confess to cheating in exams

As this year’s exam season comes to a close, students are getting more and more creative when cheating

In response to recent exams, The Student Room conducted a survey of just under 1000 students to gain insight into what exactly goes on in the exam hall. It turns out students are getting more inventive when it comes to cheating.

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The Student Room are set to help millions of students over the exam season

With more exams still to come, we’re set to become even busier, breaking more TSR records

Last week we broke our site traffic record with over 400,000 students checking into The Student Room. This was after a day crammed with Maths exams – that’s almost the equivalent of filling Wembley Stadium five times over – generating over 2.1 million page views in a single day! Continue reading