advertising to students on the move

89% of 16-24 year olds use their mobiles to access the internet and with our mobile advertising products we can help you reach them across all their devices.

  • Advertorial

    Homepage promotion

    Online editorial has been more popular than print since 2011 and as smartphones and tablets are set to take over as the main source of internet access, we've future proofed our advertorials so they're seen by all our users. Now students can read your advertorials (written by our expert editorial team) when they're on the bus, in the playground or at the top of a mountain.
  • Leaderboards

    Homepage and forum targeted

    Now your can benefit from the targeting capabilities of one of our longest serving products on mobile devices too. Provide us with a mobile version of your leaderboard and we'll open up the reach of your campaign to another 40% of our members.
  • Official Representative

    Official representative

    Verified account

    Our Official Rep product translates perfectly to mobile and gives you the ability to engage with students on their smartphone, when they're waiting at the bus stop or on their way to pick up those all important A-Level results.
  • Weekly spotlight

    Homepage and run of site

    This ad format is perfectly suited to targeting our mobile users. With limited space on smartphone screens, our weekly spotlights provide a clear call to action that's easy to digest and click on a mobile.
  • Mid page units

    Homepage and forum targeted

    One of the hidden gems of our mobile offering. The MPU can be targeted to mobile in the same way as the full site but with the added advantage of up to 40% coverage of the screen when viewed on a smartphone. You can really make an impact on our users with this product, just make sure your landing page looks as good on a smaller screen too.
  • Email

    TSR Times

    With 50% off our users opening their emails on a mobile device we go to great lengths to make sure they enjoy the experience. With our email sponsorship options students won't have to zoom in to see your adverts as we'll make sure they look just as good no matter what device they're using.
  • Advertorial announcement

    Forum targeted or run of site

    One of our most popular (and now future proofed) products, advertorial announcements can be highly targeted to the audience you want no matter what device they're using. Performance is best when you've got a clear call to action.
  • Promoted engagement

    Targeted Q&A

    If you're running a Q&A on The Student Room then you'll want the widest possible reach. We know how active students are on the mobile web, which is why our Promoted Engagement product has been optimised to work across all devices.

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