University Partner Pack - How to make the most out of yoursWith 8.5 million monthly visitors, TSR is the largest online student engagement platform allowing prospective students to browse different universities and make their decisions.

The UPP is the ultimate engagement tool kit to attract, convert and build relationships with students at every stage of the education cycle (download our product pack here). It’s made up of five bespoke tools that work in harmony to engage, brand build and recruit students to your institution:

UPP ecosystem


Your official, verified university account. This enables you to give authoritative information in an informal peer-to-peer environment. Use real representatives from your university to personify your institution and take part in the conversation.

“Our Uni Rep was fundamental to the University; converting a number of students during the results period. Having the ability to engage with students first-hand where they are having discussions about universities resulted in high success rates for Bradford was key to our success during this period, rather than just waiting for students to approach us.”

– Emma Bridge, Associate Director (Marketing Communications), University of Bradford

We support all Uni Reps with a comprehensive onboarding programme, interactive online training and face-to-face training events as well as ongoing helpful communications.


The University guide is your official partner profile. Think of it as your shop window to showcase life at your university and the best you have to offer.

Customisable by you, the guide is made up of key information and engaging content students need-to-know and look for when deciding which university is best for them.


TSR is a peer-to-peer engagement platform where students go to discuss their options, ask for advice and build relationships on forums.

Your university forum is a dedicated space to differentiate yourself, showcase life at your university and answer questions from potential applicants. And don’t worry it’s completely brand safe!


The Open Day Calendar lists every University Open Day in the UK. As an UPP Partner you receive a premium listing allowing you to drive conversions and increase Open Day registrations.

Your official partner status gives you an enhanced position in the Open Day Calendar placing you front and centre for students actively looking to attend university Open Days.


UniMatch is the TSR course comparison and review tool. Using UCAS data to pull up-to-date course and institution data and presents it to students considering specific courses.

Your UniMatch ratings are showcased on your university guide, communicating your depth and breadth of courses to prospective students comparing their options.

Want to find out more about how the University Partner Pack (UPP) can attract, engage and convert students to your institution? Download our product pack today.