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The Student Room will be visited by millions of students in the run up to results day 2015 and has over 1.8 million registered UK student members. We are able to provide access to this audience and offer a range of resources to support editorial on students, exams and clearing – often on a fast turn-around basis – including:

  • Research polls. We can help test student opinion on key exam issues, and generate large samples quickly.
  • Soundbites. We can help provide instant feedback on a range of issues and emerging news topics.
  • Trends. We can provide insights into stress and sentiment throughout the exam and results period.
  • Case Studies. We can help source student, teacher and expert case studies.

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Latest press releases

07/03 New research reveals vastly different attitudes towards feminism between male and female students

12/01 Forget avocado on toast and speciality coffee, one in three students are saving for property and pensions

10/11 New research ahead of Anti-Bullying Week reveals devastating scope of UK bullying

09/05 Caroline Lucas engages with world’s largest online student community

03/05 Apprenticeships get boost as students deterred by uni fee increase

27/04 Student vote survey shows gender split and frustrations of “Ignored generation”

20/01 One in five students reveal they regret their university choice

10/01 Plastic surgery, protein powder and pets: new research reveals most outrageous student spending

11/16  95% of students more likely to challenge exam results as faith in the system shaken

28/11  Almost two thirds of students influenced by north-south divide in university choice

24/06 Brexit: Youth voice ignored, 82% 16-17 year olds vote remain

17/06 New research reveals 1 in 10 students have taken study drugs

18/05 GCSE students fuming over biology exam with ‘no biology in it’

23/03 Students say apprenticeships are a “great option” with a “bad reputation”

11/03 Half of current A-level students would be ‘too embarrassed’ to admit using Clearing

13/02 53% of sexually active students have never been tested for STIs

19/01 A third of 2016 applicants having second thoughts about their uni choice

04/01 One in three students skip meals for a day or more to cope with costs

16/12 Research shows divide between teachers and students over university application support

09/10 Students demand right to know teaching qualifications of lecturers, new survey reveals

14/09 Two thirds of students quit extra-curricular activities to make time for study

07/08 Parents are stressing students out ahead of results day

04/08 Concern about university costs on the rise, new research finds worry about student debt doubled in the past two years

25/06 Ultimate frisbee, fencing and yoga increases chances of job after university

15/06 Exam cheating in the UK is rife

18/05 A Student’s plan to revolutionise the music industry wins a £9,000 scholarship with University of East Anglia in association with The Student Room

15/05  Record breaking number of students turn to The Student Room seeking advice for exam stress

13/05 New award to find which university lives up to its marketing promises

25/03 The Student Room plans to register enough new student voters to swing the results as part of its 2015 General Election campaign 

18/02 The Student Room partners with Radio 1 to bring advice to millions of students