Experienced young people are more likely to succeed in apprenticeships

In a bid to encourage more successful apprenticeships, and lower drop-out rates, the education watchdog hopes to see stronger organisation in securing placements for school goers and better quality post-16 careers guidance from the government.

To pinpoint best practice Ofsted analysed 15 of the top apprenticeships, the report produced gave valuable insight into improving apprenticeship standards which included a figure suggesting that around a quarter of apprentices end up dropping out.

The research found that the trainees with work experience or vocational study were more successful as apprentices than those who started as school leavers with no experience.

These findings come at a time where the quality of apprenticeships in general has been under some scrutiny, with 70% classified as good or outstanding and a recognised need for this figure to be improved on.  However the coalition government have recently axed funding for vocational education and work experience which may mean that this figure will not change any time soon.

One TSR user comments on how an apprenticeship was the right option for them and the best experience and introduction into the world of work:

‘ Do an apprenticeship. I was bored of school just like you and getting a full time job working with professionals in the real world has done me the world of good and most of the time apprentices stay with the company once the apprenticeship has ended by moving into a full time permanent (and better paid!) position.’

Chris Jones, director general of City and Guilds, said better career information was essential:

“We believe it is critical for the success of the UK economy that after decades of neglect we re-establish the apprenticeship model as an important route to a top career,”

Adequate and relevant work experience ensures that young people are equipped with the best chance to succeed in apprenticeships but lack of opportunities may mean that many apprentices can’t make the most of work based learning.