Financial Internships: Students choose Deutsche Bank over Barclays Capital

In the pursuit of experience and priceless professional connections, students on TSR debate taking a summer internship at Barclays Capital or Deutsche Bank, and discuss which could offer the best return on their temporal investment.

‘I agree with you that BarCap is strong and getting stronger, however DB is a still a very good name.’

On the whole, respondents view both firms positively, and agree that the chance to intern at either would offer good opportunities to get into the sector and gain experience. Nonetheless, when it came to choosing between the two, the poll results and the discussion were at odds.

DB will have a tougher time over the next few years than BarCap due to the eurozone crisis. Barcap have grown into a powerhouse DURING the recession. They will soon be one of the big boys on Wall Street. I would go with BarCap but both are excellent firms.’

In the course of the discussion, Barclays Capital received greater interest when looking to the longterm, as it was seen to be the most promising in terms of growth.

‘DB has the best international name, people say “they’re doing good things at Barcap”. If it was an internship I would go DB for the name on the CV if it was a full-time offer I would go for Barcap because they will be right up there with GS, MS and JPM, DB in 5 years.’

‘Before the Lehman American acquisition, I would have said DB. But after that, it’s got to be BarCap. They’re an absolute powerhouse, when it comes to Rates.’

  • On an interpersonal level, however, one post was concerned that

‘Apparently Barcap does not care about interns and rarely makes offers after the internship, but that may be only for Tech department. I would choose DB.’

On the whole, there was marginally more of a consensus towards Barclays Capital.

Both firms are good. I guess DB has a better reputation but Barcap has been growing exceptionally fast over the past 30 years. Both firms have their own issues… this is completely irrelevant at the summer internship stage though… base your decision mainly on conversion rates and reputation (where DB has the upper hand) and marginally on salary, location, people you meet etc.’

The one statement that all posts rated highly was that choosing the professional backing of one bank over the other would be a low-risk trade-off.

‘Congrats on having a tough dilemma – it’s a good dilemma to have in the current climate.’