For Fast Food, McDonalds comes in third after rivals KFC and Subway

In a recent TSR poll to find students’ fast food favourite, burger industry giant McDonalds came bottom of the junk food heap.

Students pitted McDonalds against two other leading fast food outlets, KFC and Subway, to find out which is the favourite. The student-led poll asked: ‘Which is your favourite fast food place?

‘KFC– the chicken is unbelievable for a fast food chain, so so good, I’m now craving one as its almost midnight.

Subway – pretty good quality, a bit expensive for what you get but it is pretty delicious.

McDonalds – not as nice as the other two, get small portions, only good for McFlurrys really, the delis are ok.’

  1. Subway 43.04% Subway hands down’
  2. KFC 30.06% ‘got to be kfc for me
  3. McDonalds 26.9% ‘mcdeez all the way’

    ‘Subway wins. They make my sandwiches for me…’

Subway… the choice is amazing… I’m sorry but mac d’s has the salad all warm and horrible on the burger and KFC I’m allergic to chicken – the number of looks I get because of this’

  • Hasty but healthy

‘Subway all the way… good value for money and fills me up so I don’t feel the need to snack! I love watching the sub being put together too!’

Some students felt this was an unfair comparison based on a popular perception of Subway as the ‘healthy choice’. Although this was a point of contention!

‘subway isn’t really junk food if you order the right thing…. can’t really compare mcd’s and kfc to subway lol’

Many students like the option to choose exactly what they want on their sandwich and watch what they’ll eat being put together while they wait.

‘For taste KFC. With everything taken into account such as value, choice and calories, Subway. Lovee my subways <3’

Despite being the favourite, others felt that ‘fresh’ is not necessarily best, and cited price and even too much choice as reasons for passing on Subway.

  • Finger lickin’ good chicken

‘KFC is the food of champions.’

KFC faired well despite offering comparatively less variety than both Subway and McDonalds. Students generally feel that what the Colonel does, he does well.

‘I’ve never even tried to order a subway. There are way too many options! I know it’s trying to make it personal, but it’s just too complicated…just gimme a sandwich! McDonalds can be cold… KFC is a bit too greasy, but it’s yyyummy! Except i went there once when they ran out of chicken. Hahaha, FAIL.’

Among those favouring KFC, were students who seek fast food when they want a junk food fix and calories are of no concern.

‘KFC. When I want fast food I darn well want hardcore fast food. None of this salads and subs nonsense. Otherwise I’d eat at home where I can make ten subs that are healthier for cheaper.’

‘KFC, I can’t resist a Zinger Burger Meal’

  • Filet-O-Fish: Students are ‘lovin’ it’!

‘Mcdonalds. One word = consistency. Subway you get some terrible subways. KFC is brilliant but im vegetarian.’

Although McDonalds received the lowest number of votes, it appears to have a consistent fan base among students.

‘Mcdonalds because it has a good balance between taste and cost and has great offers/promotions once in a while whereas kfc on the other hand. And subway as tasty as it is I only buy when I have alot of money to spend since I dont understand how you can expect a human being to eat a sandwich with a packet of chips and charge them about 4-5 pound because sub of the day is dodgy.’

Throughout the thread there were references to favourite and long-standing McDonalds’ sandwiches even by those selecting one of the other options.

‘The McChicken sandwich is HEAVEN IN A BUN.’

‘Love the Fish-o-Fillet at McDonalds but I find myself frequenting Subway as they are far more convenient (and better for breakfast)’

The thread also revealed an apparent cult following for the lesser known Filet-O-Fish sandwich.

‘I love Filets, the best thing about them is that they never have them ready, so always have to make you a fresh one.’

Interestingly, all three outlets were criticised for the high price of their food, indicating that for most students a fast food fix though desirable is not always affordable.

*Burger King also featured several times in the thread, as a favoured alternative to those in the poll.