Forget health foods, students want the old flavours back

As a nation we have become increasingly aware of ‘healthy foods’, dieting and exercise and many food and drink manufacturers have had to adapt their product line or recipes to meet these new expectations. But members of The Student Room have spotted the changes and they want the old stuff back!

Discussions titled ‘Food and Drink you can still get, but used to be SO much better’ and ‘Your favourite foods that you can’t get anymore’ have attracted a lot of attention from users of The Student Room as students reminisce about the food and drink they used to love but that just doesn’t live up to expectations anymore.

And they’re not talking about spaghetti bolognese and orange juice; they’re talking about fast food, chocolate bars, crisps and fizzy drinks- Fanta specifically tops the list of things that aren’t as good as they used to be, closely followed by McDonalds with Monster Munch taking the crown for the crisps that students think have changed the most.

In total there was:

  • Over 750 posts by users
  • Over 50 different brands mentioned
  • Over 20 different companies covered

Cadbury brands were mentioned the most with 7 of their products identified by students as being a shadow of their former selves, closely followed by their confectionery rivals Mars and Nestle.

Coca Cola were the beverage company that stood out most, with students unhappy with the ‘new improved flavour’ of Fanta, Lilt and Orangina. Walkers also featured highly with Monster Munch being the main culprit, something that it seems has been picked up on as Walkers are now toting that the size of Monster Munch is back to how it was in the 70′s.

Similar campaigns have sprung up in the past to revive certain foods and social network sites like Facebook and The Student Room are the perfect arena to drum up some hype about an old product. Wispa was the latest big brand to return to the supermarket shelves and back in 2010 TSR users rallied for the return of Vanilla Coke, which at present has failed to materialise.

With so many brands being discussed for their nostalgic qualities and current shortcomings, which of the main players will act first to revive an old brand, or will the perception of keeping fit and providing healthy food be enough to stop it happening?