Future Student – What to expect in the next ten years

Today the class of 2024 is ten. How will our future students be studying in ten years’ time?

Well, you can’t predict the future can you? But you can anticipate it, and embrace some of the emerging trends. So, in the Summer of 2014, we went on a mission to understand just what the next ten years could look like for a new generation of students.

We partnered with the Future Index and with our own student interns from the University of Sussex to explore what the world has in store for us all.

Rather than bury the narrative in a world of statistics and charts our intention was always to produce a simple, compelling read.

Something that introduces the big trends out there


The big trends explored in the report are:

  1. Digital Natives
  2. Bring Your Own
  3. Campuses
  4. Courses
  5. Work
  6. Industry
  7. Seismic Shifts
  8. Edtech
  9. Rockstars
  10. Global Students


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