Happy Social Media Day – How are students using social media? #SMDay

If there is one group that has adopted social media more than anyone else it’s the youth market so we thought we’d celebrate Social Media Day with a look at how students have been involved in social media.

Young people are often criticised for not communicating with others and getting out of the house as much as they used to but in reality they’re more social than ever. I’m sure many of you have witnessed students chatting on Facebook on their laptop whilst updating twitter from their smartphone and it’s a trend that we’ve seen growing with more students accessing The Student Room from their mobile.

But social media goes beyond talking to friends online, students use of social sites is developing at as quick a rate as new platforms can be created.

Video content on sites like YouTube have brought a new form of interaction and on The Student Room we’ve seen how young people searching for academic help end up becoming part of a community that discusses anything and everything. Literally anything (see the health and relationships forum)!

Our research with the IAB found hundreds of sites that students use covering a variety of topics, (of course there were some that were more popular than others) and social media seems to be where this all gets pulled together with different platforms used for different types of social engagement.

  • Facebook – Like a blog post, product, brand etc and friends are notified about it. Tagged photos show them what their mates have been up to and links to wierd and wonderful websites are shared frequently.
  • YouTube – Contrary to popular belief it’s not just full of cats. Our TSR Student Panel produce insightful and useful videos for current and future students to help them with applying to university and revision, whilst others have successfully launched music careers.
  • Twitter – Has become a personal news channel, if you like entertainment you follow the celebrities, pick and choose from sports blogs and world news to comedians and market research.
  • The Student Room – “That student forum with all the really clever kids that speak properly.” Yes that one but also where students are engaging in important discussions about things like the HE White Paper, their favourite brands, who to bank with and what apprenticeships are like at different companies.

Chances are that the majority of today’s youth are members of all of these and more, and they interact between them all by sharing links, liking, tweeting and discussing. They’re the advocates of social media and will adapt their use to make the most of what each platform has to offer as it benefits them.

Earlier this week we saw Google launch their new Plus service, which will show how much more social media can grow and tomorrow sees The Student Room kick off it’s 10 year anniversary celebrations with over 4.5 million expected to visit the site over the next month, which shows just how long young people have been a part of what we now know as social media.

Happy Social Media Day #SMDAY

  • http://insyncmarketing.co.uk Dan @ InSync Marketi

    It’s interesting you’ve seen the increase in mobile traffic – We ssee this going either way, sometimes when we least expect their to be a huge mobile audience, we get 90% of traffic from there, and other times, when we build an app after researching and identifying demand, we get nothing! I just wish my Mobile internet would SPEED UP….I think a major issue is its slowness and general unrealiability….What do you reckon?