How did The Student Room get to 1 million members – Infographic

Over the past 11 years The Student Room has grown from a 16 year old’s bedroom project to the world’s largest student site, hosting 5.5 million unique visits per month but how did we get to that magic number?

One million is a big number so to put it in to perspective in a very topical way, The Student Room’s members could now fill all the Olympic park venues six and a quarter times and all of this summer’s Olympic venues 1.3 times. The community is bigger than countries like Cyprus, Fiji and Malta and is 3 times the size of Iceland.

5.5 million unique visits a month is one thing but for 1 million students to register shows the value that they see in being a part of the community. As the infographic below shows it takes a lot of numbers to reach that magic million and this is how we did it: