How Ernst and Young engaged with the student community for their E&Y Degree


Leading graduate employer, Ernst and Young have had great success with their latest graduate and school leaver recruitment campaigns by engaging with their target audience on the UK’s largest student community site.

The plan was to recruit top calibre students for the E&Y Degree program and this was achieved through a combination of display advertising and more uniquely an Official Representative and online Q&A session between key figures at E&Y and members of The Student Room community.

The campaign was a great success and as a result Ernst and Young are continuing their use of the site to recruit for their graduate positions.

Steve Keith, Recruitment Marketing Officer at Ernst and Young had this to say:

Using The Student Room really helps us at Ernst & Young to interact with students and help them with their applications to our graduate and school leaver programmes. It has proved really effective for our recruitment campaigns, and allows us to speak directly to students about what kind of career they want and how Ernst & Young could help them get there.

The site is easy to use and easily accessible, and by receiving notifications straight to my inbox on a daily basis, I am able to go online and answer any questions that students may have posted on our threads. Our main mission is to help students with their career and ensure they work to their strengths, and The Student Room allows us to do just that.

For more information about how Ernst and Young made use of The Student Room to recruit school leavers and graduates or how we can help you do the same call 0800 999 3222