How The Student Room helped students through Adjustment and Clearing 2011

With just 10days to go until A-Level Results day, The Student Room is putting the final touches to its online Results Day and Clearing Support Centre, which is expected to be inundated with students come 16th August.

We’ll be providing students with unrivalled support from our team, as well as direct contact with all the universities that have places available for those going through adjustment and clearing.

Click here to find out what The Student Room is doing for students from 16th August

One thing that makes The Student Room so popular on results day is the sheer volume of students who come to the site. The value of being able to share their experiences and concerns with others in the same position provides students with huge amounts of support, as the case studies below show.

Will Hazell, 19 worked hard on his revision and thought he’d aced his exams. He’d chosen his universities carefully to maximise his chances of a place.

On results day he was unable to check his grades because the UCAS website didn’t work and instead he found out about his insurance choice by email and by calling his first choice uni’.

He then used the TSR guide to clearing and the experiences of other students – who had gone through clearing – to equip himself with the right knowledge before calling potential universities.

After getting 4 clearing offers he chose the one with the best course and says he ‘couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.’

Dee Leigh, 19 was not expecting to go through clearing and initially found the process tough as she couldn’t get into a university and felt pushed by her school to find any uni that had places to fill. Dee is now on a gap year and will go to university in September to study her dream course, Politics and Sociology.

When asked what resources she used to find a clearing place Dee said:

“[I used] the Clearing thread and I started a thread asking for advice. TSR was so useful and helpful as it helped to see other options and others who were in the same situation.”

Her advice for those that might find themselves in clearing this year:

“Don’t rush into anything. You don’t have to go to university straight away. Go through clearing if you want but don’t be disheartened if you cannot get into any university; there are other options. Also, make sure you visit the university before deciding to accept the offer in clearing.”

If you think that you’ll be able to offer students a place through adjustment or clearing then we’d love to hear from you - call us on 0800 999 3222 or through the contact us form