How The Student Room will help students from A-Level results day, through adjustment and clearing

As the anticipation for results day grows students have turned to The Student Room to express their concerns and gain reassurance that others are in the same boat.

As a result we’ve been preparing to provide an unrivalled service for all students on A-Level Results Day, 16th August.

In addition to the usual benefits of being part of the UK’s largest online student & youth community, students will also benefit from access to:

  • 10 fully trained student clearing experts who are fully aware of what to expect on results day and equipped with the knowledge to make sure that students can make well informed decisions that will be best for them and their future
  • A results day newsletter will be sent out to all registered members with top tips for the day
  • An open results day and clearing discussion where students can share their joy of getting the grades, or discuss their problems with others in the same situation
  • Comprehensive advice and discussions that consider all the alternatives to university including gap years, apprenticeships and career opportunities for school leavers
  • Official results day discussion thread
  • Clearing contacts directory of all the universities that have places available in clearing and adjustment
  • University discussion forums to talk to current students and make friends with others who are going before you get there
  • And crucially a site that works 24/7 with round the clock advice so students can get the information they need whenever they want it!

If you think that you’ll be able to offer students a place through adjustment or clearing then we’d love to hear from you - call us on 0800 999 3222 or through the contact us form