How will a rise in tuition fees affect universities ability to attract undergraduates in the future

5 weeks after the first major demonstration, popularly named ‘Demo2010’, students are making their last stand against the vote on a rise in tuition fees. At The Student Room we’re taking a look at how this will affect university admissions in the future.

Today members of parliament will vote on the proposed rise in tuition fees, which could see students paying up to £9,000 a year to go to university. The increase in fees is expected to create a very competitive market as universities strive to justify that their institution offers the best experience for the higher fees.

The current league tables are unlikely to be enough to attract the record numbers of student applications that have been seen over the past two years. A major TSR survey found that 33% are already reconsidering whether or not they will go to uni should fees go up as expected and 78% have indicated that they will look at studying abroad, with the top countries being:

  • Scotland
  • USA
  • Republic of Ireland

This means that the competition for British students will expand globally and UK institutions will have to compete against them as well as each other.

The same in-depth study into students’ reaction to the proposed rise in fees has found that the course is more important than the university in students’ eyes.

  • 46% of students would change the university they want to go to for a cheaper one but not the course
  • 18% would change course and university for cheaper options

Universities may therefore need to look to improve the quality of their courses or increase the number that they offer in order to be competitive in what could be a very different higher education market.

The full report containing all of the above statistics can be found in the free white paper available below.

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