HR Magazine picks up on 21 Day Challenge

Last week TSR announced the beginning of its 21 day challenge, a series of daily advice, tips and challenges to help young people form the good habits of job searching that will give them a head start over other young people.

It was quickly pounced on by, whose article 21 day challenge launched on The Student Room website to help young jobseekers compete in the jobs market on the 20th August reiterates the importance of good job seeking habits, especially when you consider that the number of graduates and school leavers signing on to Job Seekers Allowance at this time last year was in excess of 560,000, and a similar surge is likely this time around.

The Student Room’s Jamie O’Connell said “We see a lot of our users asking for help with things like writing CVs and where to find jobs; by doing something each day, they will be taking small achievable steps to their ultimate goal of getting a job.

“We know that it takes around 21 days for an activity to become a habit so school leavers can follow these tips to get it right from the start.”