Human Resources is a sector that graduates struggle to approach correctly.

World leading HR service group Penna is launching its first graduate and apprenticeship scheme, the ‘Penna Development Programme’, which will provide two graduates and two apprentices the unique opportunity to embark on an eighteen month programme being placed into various areas of the services offered by Penna.

The successful candidates will be given the opportunity to acquire a host of new skills to progress in their career.

Many students are interested in the Human Resources sector but are confused, and find it difficult, to get their foot in the door:

One student gave their opinion on employment prospects in the sector once one had obtained a 2.1 degree in Human Resources:

‘You’ve got a reasonable chance of getting a junior HR job straight from uni.

However you need to approach employers selling yourself as someone interested in working with people, and keen to be involved in in how people add value to a business, recruiting, making teams work etc, and in pursuit of that, you’ve got a degree in HR as well.’

Students, and graduates, are aware that is not as simple as ‘having the knowledge’ on paper but it’s also personal skills that count and what experience an individual can bring to the work place:

‘Employers don’t like the logic of ‘I’ve got a degree in HR and therefore I want to get a job in HR’. If you approach employment in that way you are less likely to be successful. I’m not suggesting you would do, but that is why so many people with relevant degrees are not successful in the jobs market.’

Another user felt that apprenticeships or unpaid internships were the only way to build a solid experience base and get into this sector unless successful in applying to a graduate scheme:

‘Yes you will need internship I think, did you do a placement year during uni or a summer internship while still a student? A lot of people did those things during uni. Don’t despair though, you will just have to do it after uni like 80% of people.

Unless you get onto graduate scheme you will most likely have to do a internship as first step.’

Another user reiterated the importance of work experience in securing a position:

‘Try getting some work experience in HR, so when you do apply next year you will be 100% ready to get the job!’

Penna is committed to assisting young people into employment and working towards a diverse and skilled workforce for the future.

Graduates interested in a career in Human Resources, and are struggling to succeed in securing employment in this sector,  should look towards these unique opportunities and similar ones which may arise from other companies in the industry in the near future.