Internet and Mobiles: One tenth of students get the net from a mobile network and most choose Android over Apple

The Student Room technology survey has found that over two thirds of students own a smartphone, and although the majority have a broadband provider, many are accessing the net through their mobile network.

Among the leading internet service providers, there is not a great deal of preference, however, unlike for the digital television subscriptions, this time Virgin Media was the top choice, with Sky broadband third out of the main four selected.

  • 25.8% have Virgin Media
  • 21.7% have BT Broadband
  • 18.7% have Sky broadband
  • 13.9% have talktalk

Despite the large number of students with home broadband providers, around one tenth now access the internet through a mobile network.

  • 10.1% get their internet through a mobile network

Similarly, just under one tenth of students prefer to surf the net through their mobile rather than on their computer, which is not surprising given that over two thirds of students have a smartphone.

  • 9.1% usually access the internet from their mobile phone over all other devices
  • 2/3 students have a smartphone


The majority of smartphone users have an Android phone, over double the number that have a BlackBerry or an iPhone, with Windows phone 7 the least popular handsets. The preference of Android over Apple may be due to the high performance but slightly lower price.

  • 47.9% have an Android phone
  • 21.6% have a BlackBerry
  • 21.6% have an iPhone
  • 1.1% have a Windows 7 phone

Social Net-Marketing

When researching their prospective new phone, students are more likely to look to their peers through polls, threads and discussions on The Student Room than use other social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • Students are twice as likely to use The Student Room over Facebook to help them make a purchase decision for this type of product. They are 3 times more likely to use it over Twitter

The main features students look for are reliability and performance followed by cost, once again demonstrating their eye for a bargain but attraction to the latest in gadgetry and technology.

  • Reliability and Performance are the highest priority in this case with price 3rd

Findings taken from The Student Room technology survey of 297 students