Latest stats from The Student Room’s Results Day and Clearing forums


Throughout the day we’ll be reporting on the latest activity from the world’s largest student site and the busiest student site on A-Level results day.

Some students stayed up through the night (as did our moderators) to help each other prepare and get support before they find out if they got into university.


As a result we had over 5,075 new posts on the site by 7am this morning, 3,680 of those were in our University and Clearing forums.

There were 334 new discussions about going to university and clearing, which grew to 395 by 8am.

Key topics of discussion

  • Exam boards releasing some results and students begin to panic that they may have missed their offers but can’t yet find out if they will be accepted.
  • Students have to check university websites individually as UCAS listings are out of date already!

What students are really talking about


As results came in from 8 o’clock this morning there were over 4,685 new posts in our results day forums and we had around 2,410 students online at one time, which is similar to our peak times on a normal day.

Key topics of discussion

  • UCAS track is now live and students begin to find out if they met their offers are in clearing
  • Some students are lucky enough to be given a place even though they’ve missed their offers.

What students are really talking about


By 9am clearing and university discussion was up to 534 separate conversations and our crack team of UCAS moderators had already answered 469 questions for panicking students.

Key topics of discussion

  • Students report that they still haven’t seen the UCAS email updating them about their application

What are students really talking about on results day

*UPDATE 10:00

As the 10am results come in we see that discussion as jumped significantly with over 6,982 posts in our university forums and over 8,800 posts have been made across the site. Our moderators have now made over 619 posts to help support students through results day and we’re seeing 2,563 students online at a time.

Key topics of discussion

  • Results day is in full swing and most students now have their grades and know where they stand

What students are really talking about

If you can provide a place for students through clearing please get in touch on 0800 999 3222 or through our contact us form