Lord Browne Q&A – Full Transcript

Following the release of the Independent Review of Higher Education Funding and Student Finance, on 13th of October, Lord Browne joined us at The Student Room to talk directly to students and answer any questions they had. Originally an hour was put aside for the live Q&A however Lord Browne stuck around for another 30 minutes as questions from students came thick and fast.

Download a full transcript of student questions and Lord Browne’s responses


Number of questions submitted – 220
Number answered – 33
Total number of posts into the ‘Ask Lord Browne’ Forum on the day – 899
Number of views of the ‘Ask Lord Browne’ forum on the day – 51,643
Estimated unique users into ‘Ask Lord Browne’ forum on the day – 4,648
Number of individual posts about the Browne Review to date on the site- 3,517

You can see the full findings here

But for now here are a couple of the more fun answers:

  • If Lord Browne was an ice cream his flavour would be “Vanilla”
  • Lord Browne prefers “Coffee obviously” to tea

Note to Journalists

We have a large number of students who have participated in our site wide survey about the HE funding review and have given permission to pass their details on, let us know if you would like access to these students.