Loved by Students Report 2015

The Student Room carried out a survey to uncover the facts about young peoples lifestyle choices based on brands they're buying into and the brands they wish they could.

The Student Room carried out a survey that asked 1,603 14-24 year olds across the UK about brand choices and  it uncovered some interesting findings. Students are saying no to fakery and yes to natural and affordable brands.

While the nation often sees the youth market as constant consumers sucking up everything that is put in front of them, it appears that things aren’t quite what they seem. 

Students are shunning high-end brands and are identifying with natural choices and affordable brands, in areas ranging from fashion to skincare and shopping. It is only when making technology choices that they aspire to shop for the best of the best – with Apple dominating all technology categories as well as being students’ favourite overall brand.

loved by students graph

Key Findings

  •  Young people are favouring no contracts or low commitment online membership with  54% subscribed to Skype and 33% subscribed to Spotify.
  •  76% of young people surveyed didn’t go to a festival in 2014.
  •  Tesco’s & Asda came out as favourite supermarkets with 21% & 19% shopping there.
  •  13% of young people choose to invest their time and money on revision guides instead of entertainment

Brands with a strong social media presence are a higher priority for young people, showing they prefer brands who connect well with them, understand their needs and have a good sense of humour.


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Loved By Students 2015 Report

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