Mature student gets PGCE interview thanks to The Student Room

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Just last month we reported that The Student Room’s personal statement service has now helped over 10,000 students write their personal statement. And it’s great to now be able to follow this up with details of a user who has directly benefited as a result of the service.

By his own admission Gary is ‘not your typical student.’ As a mature student in his 50′s he has decided that he wants to retrain as a teacher as he believes that “there needs to be more male teachers in primary schools and they need people who actually care about children’s education.”

Knowing the importance of a personal statement to his application, Gary took advantage of the free Personal Statement Help service.
It’s run entirely by current students and graduates for the benefit of future students, which means the advice and guidance comes from people who have been through the process, some of whom also have admissions experience.

“We do need help these days, that’s what we need to do; pool resources from people who have gone through the process. In fact I should myself help others too as I was helped.”

Gary admits that he needed a lot of help forming his presentation, he had the information but it was how best to present it that posed a problem but he liked the way that the personal statement helper “struggled through not just one draft but a number of themto maximise the chance of a successful application.

He doesn’t think many people would consider retraining at his age but he doesn’t think age should be a barrier for education and as a result of the advice and support of The Student Room he now has an interview at University of Hertfordshire for a Primary Education PGCE

“The personal statement is a process not just 600 or so words thrown together, I knew it was important to get an interview and the person who helped me was marvellous and could have been responsible for changing my life!”

Stories like this are a credit to The Student Room community and really emphasises the level of involvement that distinguishes it from other student sites.
We wish Gary every success with his interview and hope that he achieves his goal of becoming a teacher.

  • anon

    Not really a PERSONAL statement then, is it?

    • Kailan

      Many students have help with their personal statements from UCAS and careers advisors as it is a vital part of the application process and as you only have one chance to submit it, it is important to get right.
      The good thing about the personal statement helpers on TSR is that they have all written successful personal statements that got them into uni and so they have a good idea of what to include and how to format it.
      They do not write the statements for other users but assist them by giving advice to those who have never written a PS before.