Meet Chichi – Insight to Education Writer

Just finished her A-Levels and is hoping to go to university in the future possibly to further a career in writing

Chichi, 17 years old

Why did you want to write for the student Insight blog?

“I’m interested in writing, blogging and micro-blogging, as I would possibly like a career in journalism or PR. Having just come through the education system I feel that I’m in touch with the big questions students are asking and I want to share that with others as students are often misunderstood.”

What’s your favourite thing about The Student Room?

“I’ve only been a user of The Student Room since starting my A-Levels and I found it a great source of information during my exams and the help you can get from other students is really good.”

What interests you about the education sector?

“As I said before having just been through the education system I’ve experienced lots of the questions that students are asking about; there’s such a variety of courses and qualifications and universities that I want to learn more about them.”

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