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Studying Access to Medicine Diploma at The Manchester College

Lilian, 21 years old

Why did you want to write for the student Insight blog?

“The Student Room is a site I have been using for close to five years and the biggest student website in the world, an opportunity to get involved more with a site I have spent so much time using was very appealing!”

“I have never had the chance to write articles or blog posts on the web professionally, let alone the chance to write based on topics that are both relevant and interesting to me. The researching and writing involved with the role will also help me to develop my academic skills more, particularly in the analytical sense.”

What’s your favourite thing about The Student Room?

“The variety of threads and users! If you have a question that is student related you’ll get the answer on the website whether from previous posts or from starting a topic based on it.”

What interests you about the graduate and school leaver recruitment sector?

“It’s not only a huge area to cover with so many avenues to consider but with many schemes and companies having changes and budget cuts, especially recently, it’s a particularly interesting topic to write about at the moment.”

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