Meet Rebecca – Insight to Careers and Employment Writer

Masters Graduate with an MA in Applied Translation Studies from the University of Leeds specialising in Arabic to English translation of written texts. Currently working as a freelancer, volunteering, and about to begin a part-time law conversion course.

Rebecca, 25 years old

Why did you want to write for the Insight blog?

“I wanted to contribute to the Insight blog as I think it is a very valuable and interesting tool for understanding current trends in issues that are important to students. Also, as a linguist and translator I enjoy writing and wanted to use my skills in this area to make a positive contribution to its work, and to develop my skills in the area of ‘writing for the web’.”

What’s your favourite thing about The Student Room?

“My favourite thing about The Student Room is the variety of views that you can find on any issue due to the diverse audience the website draws.”

What interests you about the school leaver and graduate recruitment sector:

“As a former student I am interested to see how students views on university have changed since I graduated, similarly, as a graduate with experience of how tough the current job market is, I am also interested in hearing other graduates experiences of starting their career and how they overcame these challenges.”

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