Meet Stuart – Insight to Student Lifestyle Writer

Studying for a Masters at Birmingham University

Stuart, 19 years old

Why did you want to write for the student Insight blog?

“I am really interested in students and the different way that students think about life. We can be very opinionated and have differing view points on everything”

“I’m looking forward to be able to share what students are really think with the readers of Insight.”

What’s your favourite thing about The Student Room?

“I love the diversity of the people on there, and how discussion can swing from a serious political debate to a chat about Geordie Shore.”

What interests you about the student lifestyle sector?

“I’m really enjoying being a student, and love the lifestyle that comes with it. I’m constantly meeting such a diverse range of new people all with different experiences and writing for the blog will allow me to show others what students are really like.”

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