A bit about Chris…

So what does your job actually involve? Tell us all about it!

I bridge the gap between our sales team, our clients and the community. Having used The Student Room for the past 8 years (and counting) and visiting clients to help find what suits their objectives, I will advise, set up and monitor engagement products on The Student Room and make sure everyone gets the most out of the site. I’m also tasked with managing large client campaigns where lots of different elements need organising.

What's the most unique part of your role at The Student Room?

I think I sit nicely in the middle between our student community and our clients. To get the best results you have to find that middle ground, and to see the results when you’ve been working hard on a campaign is incredibly satisfying.

What do you find most exciting about working in the student & youth market?

Something that's always fascinated me is the organic word of mouth of the site. Roll back 3/4/5 years and you'd have to explain The Student Room each time you met someone new. Now it's "oh I know you guys, I used you when I was a student". I love how the market is getting more and more online, and the openness and clarity that brings. In equal measure the effects of this on organisations to keep up.

If you could give your student self one piece of advice what would it be?

Focus on what you enjoy, that's what it's all about. Oh, and don't bother with economics. Urgh.