A bit about Chris…

So what does your job actually involve? Tell us all about it!

I work a lot with people. My days are spent on a real range of things - from firming up the company strategy and KPIs, to coming up with ways for the company to work better; as well as problem solving, prodding, poking and cheering on our great team.

What's the most unique part of your role at The Student Room?

Mind-reading, slack-lining, cocktail making, hula hooping, quad-biking, white water rafting, wakeboarding and sailing. They don’t happen every day, but they are definitely unique when they do!

What do you find most exciting about working in the student & youth market?

We’re able to help support and inspire young people at a really tricky stage of their lives. We are here for them all the way through their student journey, whether it’s with their studies, uni or career choices, or on really tricky issues like depression, or what dress to buy for ‘that’ party. That's a pretty awesome thing.

If you could give your student self one piece of advice what would it be?

The opportunity to learn is a gift. Don't squander it trying to do as little as you can get away with. Get passionate, don't care about what others think, work hard & love what you are learning. And bet all your money on The Queen appearing in a cameo with James Bond before you're 40.