A bit about John...

So what does your job actually involve? Tell us all about it

My job is to work closely with key decision makers at a number of universities to help promote what makes them great- how do they differ from other universities and how can we best communicate that? In order to do this I need to have good relationships with universities so there is a lot of time out of the office, presenting to faculties and mutually discussing where opportunities lie.

What's the most unique part of your role at The Student Room?

The best part is being able to visit the universities on a regular basis. I'm able to get a real feel not just for the campus itself, but also the town it is in and the surrounding area. If anyone needs to know the big differences between Nandos in Leicester and Swansea, for example, I am your man.

What do you find most exciting about working in the student & youth market?

Anyone can achieve anything given the right level of support, and the universities I work with genuinely strive to give their students the best possible base to achieve their goals. It is great to see alumni go on to achieve their dreams, whether that is starting their own business, becoming an architect or an even an Olympian.

If you could give your student self one piece of advice what would it be?

Do not compare yourself to anyone else and believe in yourself.